Garantia e Cuidados

ONDA Wetsuits likes to take care of its customers with the higher standards always in mind!

Let us introduce you to some general guidelines:
All PRO and SUP Series wetsuits have 1 year warranty from the original date of purchase, on workmanship and materials.
We will by our option repair or replace these wetsuits if considered defective under normal use and proper care.
The accessories have 3 months warranty (boots, gloves, hoods, shorts, lycras)

Please be aware that our warranty will not cover the following issues:

  • Damage caused by anything other than defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Use for commercial, rental, teaching, instructional programs or activities is not cover by our warranty.
  • Damage caused by extended or excessive exposure to sunlight, improper handling or storage, or failure to follow instruction provided with this product.
  • This product when classified as being 2nd hand or it is being sold as a 2nd (it is being sold as a product with existing defects).
  • Normal wear and tear, including scratches and fading.
  • Wetsuits repaired by other repair service.

Also, don’t forget to always keep your proof of purchase in a safe place!

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The salt and sand can damage the wetsuit components, so you should ALWAYS make sure to wash it with fresh water on both sides, gently and carefully after your surf session!


After washing your wetsuit, you should immediatly hang it drying INSIDE OUT and AWAY FROM THE SUN! Also, hang it half folded by the waist so it doesn’t stretch with the weight of the water!


Always be gentle with your wetsuit! Dress and undress with special care, otherwise you might compromise its fabrics. Don’t use it on chlorinated waters such as pools and spa’s. It will damage the wetsuit and is not covered by the warranty. Also don’t pee on your wetsuit! It will stink, and nobody likes that!