João Kopke

“My dream as a surfer is to make the board take me to all surfable countries, be it in rivers, sea, lagoons, artificial pools ... to know the whole world. And may it be the surf to take me"
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Surfer, storyteller or artist? In the case of João Kopke, you don’t have to choose, it can be all at once.

He began surfing the 8 years in Carcavelos, Portugal. His competitive career also began early at age 10, when he joined a competition group of young surfers, first in national events, winning several national Junior titles. The move to competition at international events, both as a member of the Portuguese national surfing team and at World Surf League professional events, was natural and was also able to achieve good results there.

In parallel, he also developed a strong artistic component through music, in different ways, where his expressiveness and way of being gained a new form.

Currently as a surfer and person is characterized by this mix of skills, a surfer with a high technical quality, creativity above average and distinct energy. This is João Kopke.

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João Kopke

Portuguese Story Surfing Rider