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Onda is a story of passion, vision and knowledge from water sports enthusiasts, to other water sports enthusiasts.

Our roots are simple, based in Portugal, at one of the most insane water sports playgrounds in the world with 600 km of coast, fulfilled with perfect waves, huge waves, strong winds, rivers, lagoons…

The country where our team, experienced more than 20 years of different water sports and different backgrounds refined with a high-level expertise in the production and development of high performance sports goods in our own production facilities.

Our brand was born in 1999 in the North of Portugal, in a region internationally known by its skills in the textile industry.

By that time, when internet started to take the first steps, where we still had some empty line-ups to discover, where the giant waves of Nazaré broke alone, and surfing was not yet considered part of our current lifestyle in Portugal, we started our business! Yes it's true!!!!!!

Chasing the love for the ocean and water sports, an incredible team of product developers, designers and pattern makers started to produce and sell some of the first wetsuits made in Portugal / Europe.

It was an exciting time of new challenges, research, new learnings, lots of errors and fantastic moments working in our factory.

Those times leads us to what we are today: presenting the best wetsuits to the market, developed in Portugal and tested in Nazaré, the main test center of Onda Wetsuits products, as well as high quality and functional technical wear for Paddle Sports and water sport enthusiasts.


No matter if you are Surfer, bodyboarder, kitesurfer, windsurfer, paddle sports enthusiast, professional rider or a beginner, Onda will have the best gear to approach you to the concept living in the water.

Experts in water sports and textiles manufacturing we want to bring our product to the world, presenting technical and functional sportswear to an affordable price.

High-end wetsuits, School / rental wetsuits, Rashvests, Neoprene accessories, Boardwear, and Paddle Sports technical wear are our core products.


Listening to the world and the seas, staying alert for global trends and understanding the consumer needs from a lifestyle and performance perspective is the first input to our product development team.

Our riders - the voice of the consumer at product development stage, are part of our development process. Hear them and give them the power to influence product details and product concept is critical for success.

All Onda products in the manufacturing process are refined with 30 years of high level expertise in the development and production of performance sport goods, as well as with the most innovative materials and assembling technologies. This process matches the higher quality, social and environmental standards.

Thinking globally but always acting locally, The goal of Onda is to reach the perfect balance between performance, comfort and style, towards a unique look and shape for each range and product, so you can feel safe and confident in your daily routine as a rider, no matter where you are.

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