Payment Methods

Credit Card Visa, Mastercard and Maestro


To make a purchase with these, it's necessary that you give us the following details of your card: Card number, expiration date, three digit security code (in the back of the card) and the name associated with the card. After communication and validation from the bank entity, the order will be processed and shipped.

Security in your payment

The order and card data will be sent, properly encrypted, to the bank entity in the date of the order, using the highest standard of security established by PCI (Payment Card Industry) which has the objective of protecting data of Card owners in web applications. All served informations are encrypted (SSL Protocol).




After finishing your order, you will receive and e-mail with all the Multibanco data (entity, reference, amount and validity). This method allows you to make the payment of the order amount in any machine from the Multibanco network or by Homebanking in a safe and practical way.


To make the payment in a Multibanco machine or by the Homebanking service just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Select the menu Payments and other services;
  2. Select the option Service / Purchases Payment;
  3. Insert the data you received: Entity, Reference and Amount.

To grant the delivery of your order we will reserve the items you bought for 3 days while we wait for the payment. After receiving the payment your order will be immediately processed and prepared for shipping.

If the payment is not made in 4 days, your order will be automatically canceled.




To make the payment by this mean, you should have or create a Paypal account. When selecting the payment method you will be redirected to Paypal page where you should login or create an account to confirm the payment. By confirming the payment your order will be registered and ready to be processed and shipped.


The Paypal payment is a secure method used in all the world. For more informations about this payment method, visit


IMPORTANT NOTE: ONDA WETSUITS does not keep any data from the clients Paypal account login.