Rohan Salceda

“Become a professional surfer!"
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Birth Date
Fort Myers FL, USA
Local Spot
Cádiz, Spain
Recent Surftrips
Ericeira, Portugal
Competition results
2019 - Circuito Regional do Sul Sub 14 - 5º class.

2019 - Circuito Regional do Sul Sub 16 - 5º class.

2019 - Rip Curl Groom Search Costa da Caparica - 5º class

My name is Rohan and I am 14 years old, only 4 and a half years ago I discovered that surfing existed and I climbed on a board for the first time, and in such a short time I have managed to be a very good surfer, always competing in categories higher than my age and on many occasions winning or getting on the podium.

In 2017 the ISA recognized my qualities and my progress making me the winner of an ISA scholarship that is only awarded to 32 surfers worldwide. Those who have known me since I was a child say the same thing that since I was a child I already showed that I had qualities for the sport, what is known as a super gifted in kinetic intelligence, for example playing tennis, batting in baseball or playing competitive football with only 3 years, my surfing is improving day by day and recognized surfers and other sports have recognized my achievements and qualities. Currently I compete in 3 federations: WSL, Portuguese Federation and Espoñola Federation, in the WSL I am among the top 125 in the category ranking of up to 18 years (for economic problems I could only go to a single competition throughout the year), in the Federation Espoñola I am among the top 20 in the category of up to 14 years (I could only go to a competition throughout the year due to economic problems), and in the Portuguese Federation I have managed to be in the 5 position of the categories up to 14 years and In the category of up to 16 years of the entire southern zone and I am the wild card of the southern zone for the Portuguese Cup final.

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Rohan Salceda