onda wetsuits joins joão kopke's to his team

For several years ONDA Wetsuits has been looking for a surfer with a profile different from the usual one that represents some of the values that the brand has been trying to convey, such as quality, performance and creativity. Naturally, João Kopke’s talent was the goodness of fit.

The energy, creativity and surf quality that characterizes this young Portuguese surfer, makes it an almost perfect partnership. ONDA Wetsuits have mottos in its DNA, like Living in the Water and Improve Your Surfing, and taking a closer look to what João Kopke represents, you can easily understand that it's the perfect match. We seek to provide high quality products that allow all water sports’ lovers to get the best of their moments in the water, and now we have another way to develop and test these products.

João Kopke

A professional Portuguese surfer raised in carcavelos in Lisbon area, with the board under his feet since 8 years old and competing since 10. He was national champion in all the junior categories, maintaining the competitive spirit until the present day at 21 years old, participating in the national surfing championship in Portugal and in some international events.

But his life isn’t just competition, in fact it is much more than that. He applies all his talent also to classical music, video, photography and drawing. With this natural talent background he will certainly be a source of inspiration for a Portuguese brand that has close to 20 years of history.

ONDA Wetsuits

ONDA Wetsuits is a Portuguese brand, created in 1999. The love of sea and water sports, combined with twenty years of experience in the production of sporting goods, has motivated the development of a production line specialized in thermal protection equipment.

Living in the Water “It's definitely where we live and for what we work on every day – in order to spend more time in the water!! Our origin is in Portugal, a country blessed with its natural characteristics for all types of water sports! It's our passion, it's what we live for!” ONDA Wetsuits

More information at:

ONDA Wetsuits. http://www.ondawetsuits.com/

João Kopke. https://www.facebook.com/TheStoryrider/ https://joaokopke.com/bio/

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