onda wetsuits presents 2018 collection

The new 2018 Collection of ONDA Wetsuits is now available and covers three different ranges: The PRO Series, The SCHOOL Series and the SUP Series, offering solutions to a wide variety of water sports. This a collection of bold and flashy color choices, distinctive image of ONDA Wetsuits in the past collections.

SHIELD – Featuring IGNIS TECH lining on 80% of the interior combined with the AES TECH base, this wetsuit is the ultimate blast and the best choice for facing the colder winter/wind days. It flushes the water from the inside faster than ever, granting the maximum comfort and warmth! The 5.3mm model features an integrated Hood to protect you in the harshest conditions. The 3mm model was designed to surf in places where the cold water isn’t so hard, but where it’s important to have a thinner wetsuit with extra mobility to perform, keeping the same warm characteristics.

FREEDOM – This model was designed to bring you the maximum flexibility for your performance, so you can determine what you want to do without being restricted by the wetsuit. Because it doesn’t feature a zipper this model is very stretchy and lightweight. These, combined with the Dynamic Fit approach make it one of the best options for any of the surfing seasons.

ZFLEX – Improved through the years, the chest zipper model is one of the most searched entrances by surfers nowadays. With the new Dynamic Fit concept, the wetsuits cutlines and panels work closely with the human body mechanics and motions, making the wetsuit more and more movement friendly and stretchier. The IGNIS TECH lining is strategically placed on the chest and back panels of ZFLEX4 and ZFLEX5. This will grant extra warmth and comfort on the colder or windy surf sessions.

O revestimento IGNIS TECH está estrategicamente colocado nos painéis frontal e traseiro deste modelo.

NFLEX – Made with high quality processes and materials, it features the new ASTROZIP, making the entrance very easy and the shoulders extra flexible! It features an innovative double flapped batwing, that keeps the water away from the body. Additionally the Nflex line also features the AES TECH lining, that grants extra comfort to the wetsuit. Definitely a great choice when it comes to value/functionality.

We keep constantly improving our wetsuits and adding new features. In terms of materials and construction, all of our PRO Series models take ACE Foam, the best, stretchiest, warmest and lightest foam in the market.

Regarding the inside lining of the wetsuits, we have taken extra care in placing soft, stretchy and warm materials that have fast drying properties, improving substantially the warmth and comfort of the wetsuits.

One of the most important features on a wetsuits is the way it fits, and our wetsuits have an exceptional fit on the body. The Dynamic Fit concept that we've been implementing on our wetsuits for two collections now, came as a response after we made a study on the human body anatomy and how the wetsuits restricted some of its movements. The placing of the cutlines and panels on ONDA Wetsuits grants minimum possible restriction.

2018 brings new trends, mostly on the details and new entry styles and materials. We are introducing an innovative entry style in the PRO Series, the FREEDOM BACK ENTRY model. It will keep the same philosophy of our FREEDOM models (the absence of a zipper) and will have the entry on the back. It's innovative, very comfortable and also very water tight.

We are also growing in an eco-friendly direction as well. All of our neoprene is petroleum free, and limestone based. We are also working on neoprene extracted from natural rubbers, which will be very important in the future.

The 2018 collection is also using an aqua based glue in the lamination, which is completely free of solvents or harsh chemicals in its composition.

More information at https://goo.gl/1fJSj1